How to Avoid Heat Loss by Home Insulation

Insulating your home is the best thing that you can do. Home insulation is all about making improvements to your home to avoid heat loss. Heating the house is a significant cost and especially during the winter season. You need to make sure that you reduce the heating cost as much as possible.

During a home, insulation might look like a big and expensive home project. However, you will start realizing the benefits once your energy bills are cut down drastically. Here are tips on avoiding heat loss by doing home insulation:

Start with The Doors

You will be surprised to know that a lot of heat loss happens on the doors. When it comes to home insulation, make sure that you start with the doors. The garage door is the biggest so start with the garage door.

Putting layers of insulation on the doors can big a difference in preventing heat loss. You also need to make sure that you seal spaces between the doors. Most of the heat is lost through the small spaces putting a sealant can make all the difference.


The windows in your home allow cold air inside during the chilly months. You need to avoid loss of heat by making sure that you seal the small spaces that allow cold air inside the home.

however, you can still go a notch higher to make sure that your home is adequately insulated and no heat loss occurs. Installing double glazing is an excellent way to prevent heat loss. Double glazing works to keep your home warm as opposed to using the single glazing.

Beware of Your Cold Wall

Your walls might be making your home cold. If your walls are made using concrete, there are chances that your home will always be cold. Fortunately, you can use thermal insulation to seal the cold wall.

Covering the cold wall with Kalziumsilikatplatten kaufen will make your home warm, and you do not have to keep heating your home. You have to look for a material that does not absorb moisture as concrete does.

Insulate Your Water Heating System

When it comes to insulating the home, do not forget about the water heating system. The water heating system in your home is the leading cause of high energy bills.

Insulate your hot water tank to make sure that the water stays hot for a long time. You can also go a step ahead and insulate the hot water pipes.

Author: Penelope Santos